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Executive Team’s founders form a unique team of creative individuals at the cutting edge of a customer-focused design strategy.

Marilyn French St.George, Ph.D
President & Director - Customer Research & Competitive Differentiation

Marilyn has over 20 years experience designing and conducting customer-centered market probes to define user requirements for Internet-based applications, information appliances, and residential/business telephony systems. At, Marilyn applies her extensive experience as the Director of Customer Research & Competitive Differentiation. Marilyn has particular expertise in identifying competitive feature portfolios. Her work has been used to engage lead customers through interactive prototypes. Marilyn also has skills in evaluating and defining the requirements for multi-modal interfaces especially in the context of access requirements for people with disabilities.

Jobe Roberts
V.P & Director - Product Prototyping & Design Implementation

Jobe has over 10 years experience in bringing user centred design solutions to a diverse range of products within the Internet Protocol domain.

Mike Weisskopf
Treasurer & Director – Human Factors & Change Management Strategies

Mike has over 20 years experience as a Human Factors and Change Management Specialist. At, Mike applies his years of knowledge as the Director of Experience Design, Architectural Requirements Design and Process Development/Mapping. Over the course of his professional career Mike has led a wide range of design projects and product evaluations, ranging from Internet-based applications to information appliances, residential/business telephony systems, network management web applications and government web portals. With Mike as design lead, several products have won industry recognition and have been featured in numerous publications such as Fortune Magazine, Popular Science, and Consumer Reports.’s executive team offers
more than 40 years experience
in customer-centered design & product innovation.

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