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"I was completely impressed with the scope of knowledge, the process and the information provided by the team from Inc. in a recent brainstorming session on developing customer interfaces for our prospective retail shopping centre clients." - Kensel J. Tracy, Managing Director, Byward Marketing Group Inc.


" recently conducted an expert user interface evaluation of a state-of-the-art mobile phone text entry product. Within the space of three weeks was able to identify, prioritize, and described the interface requirements that would position the product competitively against the dominant incumbent." - Zi Corporation Inc.


"(The visualizations provided by ) would be a great tool that a senior leader could take on a regional road show to demonstrate to employees what the new world will look like. What the government is ultimately working towards and how you will get there. It would be a great tool to help rapidly shift the culture, by visually demonstrating to employees what the future will look like. It goes leaps beyond what a PowerPoint presentation could ever do.

It involves both the client and employees in identifying users' requirements and ultimately the clients' expectations. This is a step that is often missing in IT system design and it can be costly if all requirements are not built in at the initial design phase. Its inclusion will lead to higher acceptance rates of services provided using any technology ranging from computer based to cell phones" - The Governance Network

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