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Research & Evaluation

Our research capabilities provide effective solutions for your customer, process and product concerns. Our methods are scalable and widely applicable - from early stages of product development to expanding an existing product into new market segments. No matter what the circumstance, our objective is always to provide you with powerful customer insights, a qualified product design, and a focused development process.

Our evaluation methods are tailored to identify critical reasons why products may be struggling in the marketplace while identifying opportunities for improvement. We evaluate competing product offerings to pinpoint product enhancements that will position your product ahead of the competition. Our evaluation abilities provide critical information about customer use and acceptance of your product, while ensuring that new feature rollout hits the mark. The end result being improved customer loyalty, increased market share and decreased product support.

Our Research & Evaluation skills include:
  • New market definition and segmentation
  • User requirements definition
  • Competitive analysis
  • Expert evaluations of product and Website usability
  • Usability testing
  • Focus group moderation and data analysis
  • Customer interviewing and “job-shadowing”
  • Survey creation

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