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The moment a client comes to us for help we begin to work on understanding their problem and defining a solution to solve it. While every problem is unique, our Engagement Model allows us to propose a fairly predictable partnership with each of our clients.

Many clients look to us for solutions to their product problems. They realize their product is losing market share and ask us to identify the problems and recommend solutions. Other clients are looking to improve their existing product with the addition of new features and ask us to help them integrate the new functionality. While other clients are in the early stages of development and look to us for innovative product design solutions. For clients in these situations, our Product Innovation service will be of most benefit.

Other clients come to us looking to gain critical information about their customers. They require a complete understanding of their customers’ needs/values to ensure their product solution hits the mark. Other clients are moving into new markets and look to us to capture the key customer requirements for the target market. Still other clients look to us to catch the attention of their lead customers by producing concept demos that will allow them to share their product/technology vision. For clients such as these our Customer Perspective service will address their needs.

Some clients ask us to help with their process issues. They look to us to focus their product development process with a common product vision that all corporate stakeholders can utilize. Other clients ask us to Identify/evaluate applications, devices and web-based toolsets that foster an effective development process for their employees. Still other clients ask us to put together product vision demos to spark the drive, imaginations, and creativity of their development teams. For clients in these situations, our Process Partnership service will tackle the issues.

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