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Product Innovation
Product Innovation

Our Product Innovation service allows our clients to evaluate, revitalize and transform their existing products into market leaders. Our Product Innovation service is also a powerful catalyst in the creation of new leading-edge products.

Whether device, application, service or website some of the benefits of our Product Innovation service will be: Qualified product solutions; Increased market share & speed to market and; Decreased product support & development costs.

Some clients ask for help with their existing product offering. They typically understand that their product has user interface design problems and are looking for specific recommendations for improvement. In these cases, we perform Product Evaluations to pinpoint the ease of use concerns that cause their customers grief and their product to lose market share. We identify the issues and recommend solutions via a Customer Experience Specification and Prototype.

While some clients focus on our Product Evaluation solutions for their product innovation others leverage our ability to gain key information about their competitor(s). For these situations, we execute a Competitive Analysis to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their rivals. We identify and prioritize the findings to ensure that the product design will exceed their competitor's strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Other clients come to us seeking help to define an entirely new product opportunity. They ask us to capture the product vision and design every aspect of its function, appearance and behaviour. At times other clients have approached us with an exciting new technology and looked for help to find the product opportunity that it enables. In these instances, we apply our entire Innovation Process to ensure that the final product embodies all of the elements to make it a market leader with a strategy to keep it there.

Some other clients have asked us to put together a very quick concept demo to capture their product/technology potential to pursue funding opportunities and create media excitement. For these requests we offer our Customer Experience Prototyping skills to bring their product to life and showcase its value.

Other clients come with a totally qualified design strategy and look to us to pinpoint strategic 'aspects' of their technology that can be protected via patent(s). In these situations, we utilize our Intellectual Property Identification skills to ensure their company’s future success is protected for the long-term.

If your needs do not match a Product Innovation service described above we will work with you to develop an Engagement Model that matches your specific requirements.

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