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Our years of experience in the innovation and design of new products, services and Internet technologies have allowed us to file numerous successful patent submissions.

Granted patents:

US6330550 Cross-media notifications for e-commerce.

US6219679 Enhanced user-interactive information content bookmarking.

US6101486 System and method for retrieving customer information at a transaction center.

US6018711 Communication system user interface with animated representation of time remaining for input to recognizer.

US6344851 Method and system for website overview.

US6310944 Method for adding context to communications.

US6122348 System and method for managing incoming communication events using multiple media options.

US6012030 Management of speech and audio prompts in multimodal interfaces.

US6463131 System and method for notifying a user of an incoming communication event.

US6369803 Active edge user interface.

Plus an additional eight patents pending

A true measure of’s modern-day
business know-how is the breath and depth
of our patent submissions

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