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Our Process Partnership service allows our clients to optimize their business, workflow, and development processes within and between their various corporate departments.

The typical benefits of leveraging our Process Partnership service are: Focused development strategy; Unified product vision; and Common product language.

Clients have asked us for help to focus their development process with a common vision that all corporate stakeholders can utilize. They realize that competing, and at times, conflicting product requirements from within and across multiple groups in their organization cause serious distractions. For these situations we suggested using our Company Analysis and User Interaction services. Together these services allowed us to pinpoint aspects of their development process that caused the conflicts while prioritizing the competing requirements around a customer-driven hierarchy. The resulting Customer Experience Specification & Prototype focused everyone involved around a common product language and vision.

Other clients have called on us to help them identify, evaluate & recommend the appropriate application, device and web-based toolset to foster their employees’ effectiveness. These clients recognize the high investment requirements to purchase, deploy and maintain an effective technology infrastructure. For these requests we utilized our User Interaction, Product Evaluation and Competitive Analysis services. These combined services permitted us to gain a complete understanding of the employees’ workflow behaviours and requirements while determining which tool set(s) would best address their needs. Our recommendations took the clients budget and deployment timeline into consideration. We also delivered Best Practices Guidelines to facilitate employee education of the toolset while ensuring a high return on investment for our clients’ infrastructure expenditures.

Still other clients have asked us to put together a product vision demo to spark the drive, imaginations, and creativity of their development teams. For these situations we employed our Experience Prototyping skills to bring their product vision to life and ignite the product development process.

If your needs do not match a Process Partnership service described above we will work with you to develop an Engagement Model that matches your specific requirements.

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