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November 2002 Inc. Sees Economic Downturn as a Multi-Million Dollar Business Opportunity for Customer-Focused Solutions Providers in the National Capital Region.

“Enterprise business faced with declining markets and declining work forces, present a huge opportunity for small business solution companies to grow their businesses.” says Marilyn French-St.George, President of Inc. a local customer-driven product, process and innovations solutions provider.

Due to the downturn in the high technology area Inc. believes there is a $15-20 million dollar unprecedented opportunity for customer-focused business solutions in the Ottawa area alone, allowing for innovation companies to bring new value to enterprises that have been faced with severe downsizing pressures.

“Necessity is forcing companies to rethink their traditional approaches and look for all kinds of new innovative business solutions,” says French-St. George “including fresh perspectives into: the development of new and existing products, reducing the longer development cycles for products due to the lack of skilled in house staff, lowering the inefficient use of existing resources, and protecting market leadership position against smaller more targeted businesses.”

French-St. George says “other opportunities include helping companies to: accelerate their product to market, cost reduce their product support and development, increase their customer loyalty and satisfaction, and develop a qualified market strategy.” “We see huge opportunities for companies like ours in all these areas” says French-St. George. Inc. was formed as a business solution provider with a focus on customers, product, process and innovations directed at small, medium, and large sized businesses within the government, healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, and high technology marketplaces. Inc. has also developed a number of unique “customer-centred approaches to product development” that is starting to garner much attention from large corporations and investors alike.

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Byward Marketing Group Inc.
Kensel J. Tracy Inc.
Marilyn French-St.George, Ph.D


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