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Here are some common questions we've heard over the years…..

Why do we need a company like to help us?

We represent a new breed of research and design firm focused on making technology more usable. In today’s economy there is little to truly differentiate competing product offerings. We absolutely believe that we offer one of the last, and possibly greatest dimensions upon which to gain that differentiation.

What type of ‘technologies’ can help with?

Our innovative customer-focused process can be applied to any technology: Software applications that run on large screen computers or small screen cell phones, and every size in-between!; Hardware devices like Set-top boxes, VCRs, ATMs & PDAs; Information Services like news, weather and sport scores; Internet/Intranet websites for e-commerce, information or entertainment.

Simply put, any environment where people (your customers) interact with technology (your product).

Why outsource this type of work? Can’t we do it ourselves?

The hardest thing to do is put your own beliefs aside and look objectively from a completely different perspective. offers a new, external approach led by the perspective of your customers. We are not immersed in your company’s culture and history, and as such, are not biased against thinking ‘outside the box’.

What makes unique?

Our years of product design experience and business know-how make us unique in the industry. We are more then just a ‘design firm’ serving out unrealistic product recommendations and design solutions. We understand technology and the product development process but we are not led by it. Our approach and methodologies focus on the customers’ perspective and needs, and we tailor our deliverables to dovetail into your product development process. In addition to our research and design skill set our knowledge of intellectual property identification and the patent submission process makes us an extremely unique company.

Our customer-centered recommendations do not stifle your internal technology innovation capacity. Indeed our deliverables often release the innovation capacity within your company allowing you to deliver technological innovation within a package that is customer specified.

What are the benefits of using

Our clients benefit from a qualified market strategy, focused development process, increased speed to market, lower support costs, and loyal, satisfied customers.

When in the product development process should we use

The benefits of our services will be seen at any stage of development. The biggest impact will be realized by products and services that are in the early stages of development. However, no matter what stage you are at we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your company will benefit from our customer-focused approach.

Does working with add to product development timeline?

Definitely not! If anything it with reduce the time required to get to market. Our deliverables provide a single point of reference for your developers and marketers. This allows your developers to see exactly what they are building, while allowing your marketing/sales force the opportunity to share the product vision with lead customers.

How long will work with us?

That’s up to you! Depending on your needs our services could be used as a quick sanity check of your product, or provide critical customer information for you to make an informed product decision. Conversely, we will work with you from product conception to market release and beyond…

How much does’s services cost?

Our services are modular. Fees are based on professional time plus fixed costs associated with travel and profiling customers’ requirements. Professional time is billed on a sliding scale based on project duration.


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