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Engagement Model

Our Engagement Model illustrates the process we employ when working with clients. Although each client has a unique sets of needs and requirements, our engagement model follows a fairly predictable path guaranteeing timely deliverables and valuable results.

Our core belief is that your needs come first and that those needs will ultimately drive the specific requirements that will define our engagement model with you.

Every engagement comes with our guarantee of honesty, integrity, and creativity as we drive toward a solution that fits your timeline and budget requirements.


Meet and Discuss

Our engagement model begins when you contact us with a problem that we can help you resolve. Following our initial contact we setup a face-to-face meeting to introduce ourselves to the project stakeholders. We also present an overview of our Innovation Process and gather all the necessary details regarding your needs - everything from identifying the project stakeholders and deliverables to budget issues. We work with you to capture your needs and propose a plan that addresses your needs within your budget and time requirements.

We generate a Work Proposal describing how we will specifically tailor our Innovation Process to meet your needs - with details regarding timeline, deliverables and touch-points.

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Project Launch

We review and formalize the Work Proposal with all of the key project stakeholders. This ensures that everyone involved with the engagement has a clear understand of the project goals and the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback.

The Launch can be conducted via a formal meeting, conference call, or email.

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Innovation Process

Most projects have activities that are organized into several phases that make up the Innovation Process.

Throughout each phase we keep you up-to-date via meetings, conference calls and emails. In addition, we setup a secure section on the website which will be regularly updated to inform you of the project’s status.

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The results from each Innovation Process phase are delivered in a way that best fits the situation. In some circumstances the deliverable(s) for a phase may be presented informally via phone call or email. Other situations require that results be delivered via formal presentation(s) supported by written reports/recommendations.

With the presentation of each deliverable we are always interested in hearing your comments about how we can improve our processes and engagement models. We use your feedback to ensure that upcoming deliverables and future engagements will better serve your needs and requirements.


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