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Design & Prototype

Our design and prototyping skills embody the research/evaluation insights into a single point of reference that allow development and marketing groups to move forward together to bring your product to market promptly.

Customer Experience Specification

Experience Specifications take the guesswork out of product development. Our creation of these highly-visual, detailed descriptions of the product's end-state provide your developers with a way to see everything they need to know in order to build it right. The Customer Experience Specification describes every aspect of your product’s design - from the colours used in icons and widgets to the behaviours of interface elements to the exact interaction flow of every feature, button and dialog box.

The Experience Specification is an incredibly powerful tool for focusing the development process around a unified product language and vision that all your corporate stakeholders can utilize.

Customer Experience Prototype

The Experience Prototype allows your developers, marketing/sales groups and customers to experience the ‘vision’ of your final product. Our interactive prototypes are an amazing vehicle for capturing the vision, sharing the excitement, communicating the design, and focusing the energy of your company around a customer-focused product development vision.

Whether you need a concept demo to pursue funding or a comprehensive prototype to demonstrate the final product to your lead customers, partners, and development teams. Our design and prototyping skills can bring your product to life, capture its potential and demonstrate the value.

Our Design & Prototype skills include:

  • Service/Product stimulus for customer research
  • Product scenario and storyboarding
  • User interface design
  • Product/Service demos
  • Customer Experience Specifications
  • Customer Experience Prototypes
  • Website layout and design
  • Interactive documentation, manuals and training design

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