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Customer Perspective
Customer Perspective
Our Customer Perspective service allows our clients to learn critical information about their customers. The information collected becomes the focal point for our customer-driven product development process.

The typical benefits of leveraging our Customer Perspective service are: Qualified market strategy; Increased customer loyalty & satisfaction and; Long-term market leadership.

Clients come to us looking for critical insights into their customers’ perspective toward their product. Some clients are interested in qualifying their market strategy and determining a successful product rollout plan. Other clients are focused on capturing their customers’ workflow behaviours to ensure their product solution meets the customers’ needs. Still others find themselves in the dilemma of reducing functionality to meet a product launch date or manage a cost reduction and are unsure where to cut-back. For all these situations we execute our User Interactions solution to gain that essential insight into the customer’s environment(s), behaviours, opinions and values.

Some clients are interested in pushing their products into new markets and identifying new functionality that will attract a larger target audience. While others are in the early stages of product development and are focused on targeting their product to hit the right demographic. In these cases we conduct Market Investigations to clearly define the customers in their target market(s).

Other clients have asked us to put together concept demos to share their product/technology vision with lead customers. For these situations we utilized our Customer Experience Prototyping skills to bring their product vision to life and capture the attention of their customers.

If your needs do not match the Customer Perspective services described above we will be happy to develop an Engagement Model tailored to match your requirements.

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