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We are a customer-driven innovation company representing a new breed of research and design firm focused on making technology more usable.

We evaluate, innovate and improve any interactive product, process, service or website. Our customer-focused methodology provides our clients with the crucial understanding of their customers while focusing their development process with the ultimate goal of providing a realistic blueprint for an industry-leading product.

We understand technology and the product development process but we are not led by it. Our approach and methodologies focus on solving your customer, process and product concerns. We tailor our deliverables to dovetail into your product development process.

Our clients benefit from a qualified market strategy, focused development process, increased speed to market and loyal, satisfied customers.

Whether your company’s product is a software application or hardware device; an information service or interactive website; whether you’re in the early stages of product definition/development or looking to revitalize an existing product we can help.

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