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Intellectual Property Identification

Our real world business know-how and experiences have told us that the product design process does not end once a product reaches the hands of your customer. In fact, a company’s long-term survival hangs on the ability to identify and protect it’s intellectual property via patent submission.

It is absolutely imperative that you protect your company’s future. As your company becomes recognized as a market leader the competitive threat from small up-starts and/or well-established giants will grow exponentially.

Our Intellectual Property and Patent submission skill set have been fined-tuned from years of involvement with product/service innovation - our patent record speaks for itself.

Our Intellectual Property and Patent submission skills include:
  • Identification of the strategic ‘aspects’ of your technology which may be patented
  • Description of those ‘aspects’ in such way that allows your intellectual property to be covered in a broad, yet focused manner offering the greatest range of patent protection.
  • Collaboration with patent agents to submit your intellectual property to the necessary government bodies and agencies ensuring your company's future success will be protected for the long-term.


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